Website building

Our main service is website building which we have been dealing with for more than 14 years. We know the needs of the customers, the habits of the users and the best tools and latest trends as well. It is important to us that your website not only looks good but everything in the background is well structured and brings good results continuously.

The components of a successful website

We are constantly striving to have up-to-date knowledge in the field of website building. This knowledge includes planning, design, development and many other areas, that contribute to the success of your website.

As a layman, you may not be aware of the importance of a logically and professionally built stable foundation for your website. This is the weak point of most business websites, which makes them slow, easily hackable and unstable. The Vikings are guaranteed to build you a ship that won’t sink in the middle of the ocean.

The design will be the impression that evokes emotions in the visitors. We design your website in such a way that your visitors immediately fall in love with the clean look and enjoy browsing your website. Your website won’t be like an old, rusty fishing boat, but more like Leif Erikson’s world-conquering sailboat.

A solid foundation and an impressive design are useless if your website does not bring the expected results. The visitors will leave the website in just a few seconds if they can’t find the relevant information. A well-structured website means less marketing cost and more results.

Why should you entrust us with building your website?

We are young and flexible, but at the same time, we have the required experience. During the execution of more than 400 projects, we have come across many different cases, from which only the best solutions remained. Softwares, automatisms and methods that stood the test of time, that we have been working with for several years.

How can we do that? We get to know you and your project and we set realistic goals together to make your business work as efficiently as possible. What we will certainly contribute to your project is our experience, knowledge and precision.