Google Workspace account and mail

Business email addresses on Gmail using your own domain name, file editing with Google Drive and numerous other useful functions.

Systematize and simplify your business correspondence.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is used by millions of users every day, not only because of its quality email service. It includes many other tools and applications to help you with your day-to-day work. Google Workspace is therefore a complex subscription package for companies that provides business correspondence, the necessary storage space and other additional services that can increase the efficiency of your company.

Custom e-mail address with your own domain name

You can connect the domain name of your website to Google Workspace, this way you can create your own e-mail addresses. For example or

Gmail’s interface helps to make your workflow more simple and efficient, but if you are used to another client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird), it can also be connected to Gmail easily.

Users can set multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. Each user can have up to 30 aliases.

Easily expandable storage
for e-mails and files

Storage space is definitely needed for storing emails. In addition to this, Google also offers the possibility to save files in the cloud. Google Drive provides organized storage space for company documents.

Any type of file can be uploaded to Drive, and you can convert certain files to Google Docs formats for the web, such as Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

Complete data security

Google places great emphasis on data security. This is ensured by several independent certifications – ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2, SOC 3 and FedRAMP.

Thanks to the admin settings, your organization’s data will always be safe. New user accounts can be created or deleted or their access can be modified at any time.​​

Why should you
switch to Google Workspace?

Professional and safe mailing system

Effective operation for your organization.

Cloud-based storage space for storing your data

Free additional services

More Google Workspace apps

The apps of Google can’t be purchased separately. After registering for Google Workspace, you will have a set of applications that work together perfectly.


Custom business email address

Google Drive

Cloud-based storage service


Video and voice calls


Shared calendars


Text editing


Excel sheets


Presentation editor



What other solutions are there?

Why you shouldn't use them?

Mailing system of an outdated service provider

There are some email service providers like Freemail or Citromail. Unfortunately, they are outdated and they cannot even come close to the standard that can be expected today. Unfortunately, sending and receiving e-mails often do not work properly either.

Personal Gmail account

If your email address ends with then you are using Google’s free personal mailing system. In this case, you can’t use your domain name after the @ either (eg., which isn’t a really professional solution in the business world.

Mailing system of the hosting service

Most hosting service providers include free mailing in their hosting package. There are multiple reasons why you should manage your hosting and mailing system separately. Your correspondence can be safer, more cost-effective and more stable this way.

How can I switch to a Google Workspace account?

There are a lot of free learning materials available for getting started with Google Workspace, but there is still some chance to make mistakes this way. Without an IT specialist, it is not certain that all interfaces will be understandable, so we definitely recommend asking for the help of an expert.

We have already saved our customers more than 100 hours and millions of forints on the proper setup of Google Workspace, so we definitely recommend requesting a free quote.

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