We are in a special position, as we not only build websites but also teach how to do it. Another branch of our business is WPKurzus, which is one of the most outstanding WordPress courses on the market. This synergy helps our customers not only get a ready-made website but also to be able to use it properly.

The Viking method

We know that not everyone needs the same service. There are people who have no time for their website, there are people who like to get involved in things, and there are people who would like to learn the entire website creation process. During the consultation, we will assess what level of education you need to manage your website and find the right training for you.

In this case, we recommend the full website maintenance package. You don’t need to understand how the website works, we do everything for you.

It often happens that it is faster for you to rewrite a word or two or change a picture than to outsource everything to us. In this case, we will teach you the basics.

Do you need a good foundation, but you would like to take over the management of the entire website afterwards? This is also a possible option because we provide access to the materials of WPKurzus.

WPKurzus synergy

WPViking Agency and WPKurzus complement each other perfectly. The experience we gain every day through the projects at the agency can be implemented in the course materials. On the other hand, education helps us to better understand our customers and to be able to provide them with ready-made learning materials.

In addition to online website creation, we now offer comprehensive web designer training as well as live classes.

Leave the hard part to us! We will build your website and provide you with all the necessary knowledge to manage it.

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